Environmental Bird Finders 
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EBF is concerned for the preservation and reforestation of the forests, 
wildlife, birds, fish and wetlands for Future Generations. 

We are currently working on 222+ acres of private land. 
Being careful not to disrupt natures balance, we have built and placed nesting boxes for the ducks, placed bird feeders and bird houses, planted many trees, and are building food plots for the larger birds and animals to graze in a 
relaxed setting. 
At EBF we feel it is important for the wildlife to also have 
vitamins and minerals, which we have placed vitamin and 
mineral blocks for the animals to keep them healthy, along with the 
natural mineral resources on the property.

If our website makes a difference in one child's life, we agree
it will have been worth all of our efforts and work that 
EBF has put into this Nature Conservation Project. 

 EBF wants to send a huge “Thank You” to our Fine neighbors, who have all pitched in to help one way or another, and to Madison County for all the 
wonderful, friendly, devout people who live here.
Also to our Madison County Foresters for their help in determining
what is best for this land and placement of our trees. 
 We very much appreciate the help given from the 
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission in the planning of 
wildlife trails and food plots.
And "Thank You So Much" to the National Wild Turkey Federation for
their generous award of Trees for this project.